gona turn a 102 into a puller

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gona turn a 102 into a puller

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I have been wanting a 122 for a while now and I found one and was able to get a very good deal on it. (Thanks again david). Its a 102. I was wondering if I'm gona have to gut the frame to fit a 14 hp kohler in it. Also I was wondering if any of u guys have some pics of pullers that are this style. I found a pic of a 122 and a really like the tractor. Does anyone on this forum own this tractor?
Anyones tractor?
Anyones tractor?
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Re: gona turn a 102 into a puller

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If you want to use the 14 flywheel, you will have to notch the frame like on a 147. But you could change the bearing plate, flywheel and blower housing to ones from a 10 or 12 then it will drop right in.
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