clutch questions

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clutch questions

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Getting ready to build a puller and was wondering about the clutch.....i no in my pulling truck the clutch needs to be the best of best.....and it broke tthe bank for a clutch....i was looking at mwsc clutchs and they have everything from replacement to radical i need a 6 pin driver? What about the clutch disc....i like the ones that are rebuildable but do i need something that serious? And what about the arms? Should i just get the kit?
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Re: clutch questions

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What class are you running? It depends on that and how handy you are at fabricating. If you are running the stock classs,
a double disc setup based on stock parts will work fine. Brian Miller's site shows how they are made and you should be able to do most of the work yourself for next to nothing. A 6 pin driver is a good idea because it spreads the load over twice as many pins.
The double clutch diagram is near the bottom of the page.
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Re: clutch questions

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I run a single disc with a three pin driver in my 14hp 1150lb class tractor. The only upgrade I did was adding a red spring.
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Re: clutch questions

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i run a 6 puck driver along with hardened drive shaft and billet pressure plates and a red spring

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