Starting a 1810 Diesel Puller

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Starting a 1810 Diesel Puller

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Hi, I have been thinking of converting a 1810 diesel project I have been working on into a Diesel puller, but I have not had great luck finding where I should start with my clutch and transaxle setups. The Tractor is a 1810 and the engine is a low hours Kubota d905 that I have a IHI rhf3 turbo to install on it. I now am trying to figure out what I should be doing for a clutch and transaxle ( or what pieces to put together to get a decent starting point. I know there will be a learning curve to all of this, but I need to get something together to test, break and upgrade.

My plan is to install a original transaxle with the stock 1810 rearend parts installed in it and maybe upgrade the mainshaft. Once I have that figured out I will move on to the clutch. Is there anyone using small car clutches (Geo metros, trackers)?

The engine will get turned up a little to start (to feed the turbo), and then build from there as I have time and money.
The local pulling association has a diesel class the pretty much uses the NQS rules, but I would be the first diesel competitor that I know of, so Anything I build will be competitive.LOL

Of course I will have to change everything I have already done to the tractor, so I'm pretty much starting over.

I appreciate any opinions, recommendations and advice.

Here is the tractor I am starting with

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Re: Starting a 1810 Diesel Puller

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Welcome David.

Todd Markle user name Farmallgray built a sucessful diesel puller and I am sure he can help you find the resources you need.

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Re: Starting a 1810 Diesel Puller

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Here is a thread from when I first built mine;

Most of the guys who are running diesel pullers are on Facebook now. There are two Facebook groups related to diesel pulling. One is "diesel garden tractor pulling" and the other is "limited pro stock diesel garden tractor pulling".

There is a Yahoo forum too, but there is now activity on there since everyone has gone to Facebook. ... lling/info
If you go there (have to join Yahoo) and read all the old threads you will get a lot of good info.

Most of us a running upgrded versions of the Cub Cadet clutch. Double discs with heavier springs, and or larger puck style discs. As for the transaxle, about the only stock part you use will be the housing. All the internals need upgraded. You may get away with a stock ring & pinion but you will probably end up changing gears and the top shaft and upgrading to a chrysler (often called a "dart" because they were used in Dodge darts) carrier and axles. I recommend building to meet the NQS Limited Pro Stock Diesel rules. It is a growing class and hopefully as it grows everyone will adopt them as common rules.
See my IH, Cub Cadet and tractor pulling youtube videos;

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