Rest in peace ol' binder!

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Rest in peace ol' binder!

Post by VScott »

Late 60's Loadstar on it's last ride. Was headed into the shreader this afternoon. I guess scrap iron must be up. Any more pictures of old iron out there?
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Re: Rest in peace ol' binder!

Post by Racenitro »

It is only $170/ton. Just called Southern to check. I have 15 tons waiting for the price to go back up.....

Another 10 tons that needs to be cut to size....

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Re: Rest in peace ol' binder!

Post by ridgerunner97 »

My buddy is an IH fanatic. HIs furnace in his house is an IH furnace. He currently has A 78 traveler that he wheels, a 73 Scout II with a 7' western plow and a built 304 with a T19, a fully restored 74 Scout II that is on 31's and is hugger orange with a cream top, its beautiful.

Only one i've got any pictures of is the 78 Traveler that he wheels its a tank. 345 V8, T19 4spd, Dana 20 Twin Sticked, built, geared and locked Dana 44's, Spring over on 35's, cage, and front and rear bumpers.

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Re: Rest in peace ol' binder!

Post by Scott C. »

My 69 1650 Loadstar that I used to run snow removal for the state with.
That truck would go anywhere!
The only thing I didn't like back then was most of the state sheds didn't keep salt under roof and it would freeze and stick to the sides of the spreader.
Sometimes you could raise the bed a few inches and let it drop to the frame to knock things down, the rest of the time you got in the box and shoveled it down.
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Re: Rest in peace ol' binder!

Post by Paul B »

I've driven a few of the Loadstars, the the Air Force and Air and Army National Guard units had a lot of them (box van's, flat beds, and dumptrucks), mostly with thirsty, gas, 304's or 345's IIRC, and governed somewhere between 50 and 60 mph (usually closer to 50 or less). The Ky Air Guard base was located in Louisville, across a runway from the Louisville IH Plant where the Cub Cadets were built, and the base fire department had a water tanker built on a Loadstar chassis, that was probably the slowest of any of them. I had to drive it from Louisville to the state National Guard Headquarters in Frankfort one time, to pressure wash a static display RF-101 aircraft so it could be repainted (Army Guard didn't like it and threatened to put a tank on display at the Air base).

Now you know your truck is slow when you get passed going uphill by a loaded concrete truck.That tanker wouldn't top 45mph running empty, downhill, and in "Georgia Overdrive". It was slow. They were all slow, but they rode and drove pretty good and as Scott said would go about anywhere.......... as long as you were not in a hurry, and kept an eye on the gas guage. :lol:
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