Built Transmission Fan for 782d and 1512

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Built Transmission Fan for 782d and 1512

Post by kwright782 »

The Cub Cadet Transmission fans are built really cheap and do not hold up. I was getting tired of replacing the fans yearly, so I made some blades this weekend for my 1512 and my 782d. I have also installed u-joints near the motor to do away with the rag joint that does not last long. The fans are the same size as the originals and cut on my CNC Plasma Cutter. The blades were bent on my Lathe to make sure they had the same angle. I made a bracket to allow it to go into the tool post holder of the lathe. These sure are tough little tractors.

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Re: Built Transmission Fan for 782d and 1512

Post by Oak »

I think you may have other problems. The rag joints should last a pretty long time, even on a diesel. I don't think I would want a steel fan spinning 3600 rpm unbalanced between my legs. Looks like you did a nice job building it thou.

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Re: Built Transmission Fan for 782d and 1512

Post by Farmallgray »

I have never had a problem with the 82 series fans. They seem to be a lot more flexible and hold up much better than the ones for the earlier models. The earlier ones seem to break if you even look at them funny. I took an 82 series fan and cut the blades down (to clear the hyd cylinder) and put it on my 1450.

I know a few guys have replaced the rag joints with u-joints. I personally don't want to try it on my tractors. JD used them on some models from the factory. They still wear out and are big $$$ to replace when they do. My thoughts are that the rag joints are needed to absorb the shock and vibration of the engine firing and going from forward to reverse.

I'm not knocking your work or anything and you did a very nice job building the fan. I'm just offering my opinion.
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Re: Built Transmission Fan for 782d and 1512

Post by DaveKamp »

I've run a U-joint on the back (hydro) end of Loader-Mutt for what... fifteen years now, with the rag joint at the engine end... and the joint hasn't worn out. Now, I haven't broken any cross-pins ('cause it doesn't have any), but the rag joint material is clearly the weakest point now.

Mutt now has U-joints at both ends, and a collapsing driveshaft, which is a whole lot more compliant than the rag joint ever was... and it uses a standard agricultural PTO joint system, so not expensive at all. Since they're all greaseable, I simply don't forsee it wearing out in my lifetime, even with 25hp swinging it.

And that being said... my driveline has NO fan cooling the hydrostat. Even working it hard on a 90F day, the hydraulic fluid never gets over 180 degrees. If the plastic fan loses all it's blades, take a flat chisel and small hammer to the hub, knock it totally off, and run it a while, see if it gets hot. I seriously doubt it will, unless the hydrostat housing is all plugged up with grass and dirt, in which case, the fan not only ain't gonna help much, it probably helped it get there in the first place...
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Re: Built Transmission Fan for 782d and 1512

Post by Cubrick »

Many years ago i installed a u-joint on a 123 that i built for my daughter to use at plow days. we took the 123 to many plow days and worked it hard, never hurt it! it is on the engine end of the driveshaft too. i custom built the mounting cup. i just looked it today while taking a break from a loader project.

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