Running a tiller, which cub do I pick?

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Running a tiller, which cub do I pick?

Postby JWT » Sat May 12, 2018 8:43 am

Hey, guys. Just joined your site yesterday. Thanks for having me. Going to look at some cubs this weekend. I have my choice of a 70 ($400) a 125 ($500) a 126 ($700) or a 147 ($500). I am leaning towards the 126 as it is a 3 speed with a creeper gear. I am told that this is preferable to a hydrostatic when running a tiller, which is my main purpose. Any thoughts on this?

All 4 of these include a mower, which would just be a backup for me for the time being but could certainly end up getting used a lot more in the future. The 126 was the first cub this guy acquired and therefore he put a lot more money into it than the others. It had an engine overhaul (maybe 10 years ago), steering box redone, etc, which is, I believe, a big part of why the price is higher on this than the others.

If everything checks out ok, I am buying a tiller from the same guy for $500. It is one of the full width ones versus those with the little extension deals added on. It has a new belt and does include the 90 degree gear box. $400 seems to be the going rate for tillers with extensions around here on craigslist (when available). I guess new belts are about $80, hence the premium, maybe.

I'm mainly in this for tilling purposes (it's getting to be that time, isn't it?). And, the mower is something I will very realistically use. I am definitely interested in pulling some small implements (disc, cultivator, plow, etc.), even if just for fun, if that makes any big difference on which tractor I choose.

Any thoughts on the 147's electric lift? Is that a big plus or not that big a deal? The same guy also has a snowblower, which isn't really something I'm on the hunt for at the moment. Are these easy enough to come by if I decide I want one in the future?

Well, it looks like I'm getting "diarrhea of the keyboard" here, so I'll give it a rest. Please chime in with any thoughts on any of these questions or anything else you think may be relevant. I would greatly appreciate the advice/wisdom/information. Any big signs to look for when looking at an old cub?

Thanks for your time!

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Re: Running a tiller, which cub do I pick?

Postby Tom Scott » Sun May 13, 2018 9:15 am

Thread locked, duplicated in "Shooting the Breeze".
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