Hello everyone. New here.

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Hello everyone. New here.

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Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post.

I have an Original that I just bought a few weeks back, and excited to get it back to new condition again. Sat for about 15 years. Have disassembled it, except the driveshaft under the frame, and rear axle assy to frame.

Is the clutch assy hard to remove? Is the clutch spring under alot of pressure? Will it blow apart on me, if I don't take it apart right?

The gas tank was full of old mouse nest, and rusted through on bottom about the size of a dollor bill. Has anyone ever electrolysis a tank and repair a tank before? I have done sheet metal repair on my old Desoto years ago, and hope a small gas tank doesn't conquer my skills.

Hope to meet a bunch of you here on the site. I'm in SE Michigan if anyone is near.
Mike in Ypsi

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Re: Hello everyone. New here.

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We are all pretty much new here since the site has been around less than a month. A lot of us did know each other from the old site though.
So welcome to the bunch!

Your best bet on the fuel tank would be to contact one of the parts vendors to get a good used one rather than try to fix your rusted one.
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Re: Hello everyone. New here.

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Welcome from Illinois. You can learn a lot from the folks around here, or I guess the folks around here from the old site. I know I have. :D

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Re: Hello everyone. New here.

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Welcome from Pa .
There is a whole lot of good guys here. I never got into a clutch rebuild but I'm sure others will come to your aid with homemade tools and such to help you . we have lost a lot and are just getting back on track .
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Re: Hello everyone. New here.

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on the gas tank if it was mine I would put a good used one on it fixing gas tanks can be fun I have used ones for around 35.00 717 587 3727


Re: Hello everyone. New here.

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The clutch is easy to remove. Just take the hitch pin on the adjustment out. take the four bolts out of the rag joint first the take the 3 bolts that adjust the clutch out and the clutch can be worked out. The front bearing is one that has an eccentric on it and you loosen the set screw and get a punch and tap the collar what ever way it needs to get it loosen it. I had trouble getting that bearing off the last clutch due to it being rusted on the shaft. I just but that shaft in a drill press vice and tighten it good and take the first roll pin out of the front pressure plate and release the vice. put it back in the vice and tighten real good and take the second roll pin out . Stand along side of it and hold the rear of the drive shaft and slowly release the pressure by loosening the vice. To get it back together you will have to get a large clamp and figure away to compress the heavy spring for reassembly. The clutch material is on both sides of the pulley and very seldom needs replaced so all you have to do is clean up the pressure plates.

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