Throttle shaft screws

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Throttle shaft screws

Post by Farmallgray »

Having brain fade here. What size are the carb throttle shaft screws? I'm thinking 4-40 but I want to make sure.
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Re: Throttle shaft screws

Post by Klapatta »

Todd, they are 3-48 x 1/4".
McMaster- Carr has them in brass or stainless.
I'd go with the brass ones and here's a good reason why
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If a stainless one ever got loose it would cause all kinds of Hell inside :(
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Re: Throttle shaft screws

Post by PTWannaHave »

I'll be installing these myself in the not too distant future; is blue loctite a good idea...?


Re: Throttle shaft screws

Post by wdeturck »

I only ever used red lock tight on them.

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