Tiller Question

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Tiller Question

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My Dad recently aquired a #2 tiller and we are working on putting it on my 1450. I haven't fooled with tillers very much. The gearbox had no plug so we cleaned it out and repacked it with grease. We used an aftermarket A-144 belt and it seems to work ok. We just got everything together today and havent tried tilling yet. We ran the gearbox alone and it sounded ok but with the tiller mounted and running it seems a little noisy to me.

I assume the chain case is just packed with grease. I'm just wondering how noisy these tillers normally are and whether I should do anything with the chain case. The bearings all seem tight. I did download and read the manual and it says the chain case is "sealed and lubed for life". And as we all know that most of these tractors are long past the lifetime the engineers originally expected out of them. We will only be using it for two small gardens but I don't want to destroy it either.
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Re: Tiller Question

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TODD first set the tines on the ground and rock the big pulley back and forth to see how much slack is in the chain you don't want it tight if you leave about 2 inches of play it should be ok..[the 1/2 " bolt with a jam nut on the back side IIRC is the adjuster] I usually drill a hole at the top to lube them [either a grease fitting or squeeze some 90wt. gear oil in and you can thread the hole and put a short bolt in to plug the hole] I've run a few of them and when they've sat for a few years the chain does dry up and can be noisy but after adjusting the chain and lubing it shouldn't make a lot of noise

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