1000th post!

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1000th post!

Post by Farmallgray »

I just realized this will be my 1000th post on here. Anybody got a pic of a 1000 to celebrate? :D

I haven't posting much lately but I try to check in at least once a week.

I'm on a lot of Facebook groups but I get annoyed at them sometimes. Two things that really annoy me are people calling an IH three point hitch
a "sleeve hitch", and calling the 82 series "spread frames" which really isn't accurate at all.

I try to refer a lot of folks to here and its nice to see there are quite a few new accounts set up here every week.
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Re: 1000th post!

Post by stevet »

Todd, no picture of a 1000, but congrats on your milestone post!

Like you, I haven't been on here as much recently, but I'm trying to make a concentrated effort to do so. The fb groups get very annoying to me. Along with the "spread" frame and 3 pt issues which I wholeheartedly agree with, don't forget "what's it worth?" And the younger generation that you can't teach anything. I get really bothered by some of the kids that alresdy know everything and spread bad information. It gets tiresome trying to set them straight!

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Re: 1000th post!

Post by Jlaws »

Todd , congratulations on the 1000 posts , I just realized my next post will be number 982 so I'll have to dig out a good picture of my 982 for it . :)

I belong to two facebook IH cub groups and I try to ignore their mistakes , mostly because they are young and just getting into the hobby and haven't been wrenching on them as long as you and I have .
Also I remember how ignorant I was when I first started collecting them years ago . I was still learning about them when I first joined the old IH Registry when it was just getting started . I'm still learning . ;)
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Re: 1000th post!

Post by YosemiteSam »

LMAO! I hafta say, calling a 3 point, a sleeve hitch, makes me crazy as well.

I'll bet those people don't call their favorite coffee by the wrong name when ordering at the local coffee house.

Congratulations on your 1000th. post.
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Re: 1000th post!

Post by Tom Scott »

Todd - Good to see you around more. Congrats on breaking into the "four digit" post territory!

I stopped by a couple FB pages and they didn't even make sense. Just a hodgepodge of pics and comments, no way to have any type of meaningful discussion. Looked like more a "hey, look at me" kind of place.
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Re: 1000th post!

Post by Klapatta »

Yeah I noticed the 999 count when we were talking tail lights the other day
Congrats and here's to ten thousand more ! :beer:

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Re: 1000th post!

Post by bbaker »

How much is a Kub Kadit 123 worth? Does it come with a Briggs injun?

Yeah... I'm seriously thinking about deleting the face book cub groups as well.
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