Brinly implent restoration and decal sources

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Brinly implent restoration and decal sources

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I'm finally getting back to working on my Brinly one hole plow and sleeve hitch dump cart. I tore them apart several years ago and cleaned them using electrolysis and epoxy primed them. I also filled some rust pits and some of the parts are ready paint. So I'm starting to think about decals. I found a site called;

This is a start and they will custom print your serial number but they are a little pricey and there are more there than I need and some I don't.

I also found these;

Again a little pricey and no option for custom serial #.

I was wondering if any of you had found any other sources for any of these decals. I have a friend who does vinyl signs and wraps and I have had him do some other stuff for me. If I don't find a source who already makes what I need, I'll just have hime make them for me.
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Re: Brinly implent restoration and decal sources

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I make my own decals. I buy either water slide paper or vinyl and print my own, then coat them with a UV protector. Of course you need a good copy to start with or clean up a nice photo of one.
I know what you mean by pricey. Years ago I had a fellow clean up a scan of one I had and it cost over $11 for a 5" circular vinyl decal. 8.5 x 11 decal paper is around $2.00 a sheet.
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