450 Paint

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450 Paint

Post by ReicheP »

Paint color suggestion for a 450 thrower?
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Re: 450 Paint

Post by dag1450 »

Oh man... this is right up my alley. I have found rustoleum almond is almost a dead ringer for the original cub cadet 935 white. Tons of whites out there but none will be closer than the almond.
You could paint it like ken did his single stage a few years back. . I think it was black, orange, maybe it had some white in there as well...or maybe silver ..idk. I remember it looking pretty snazzy :lol:
Pics are a must for this project
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Re: 450 Paint

Post by SWilliams »

Yep the almond works great. One big advantage to the 450 is that they were painted with liquid paints from the factory, the 451s and all the later parts were done with powder paint. It's not DIY friendly to work with.
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