First mow pics

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Re: First mow pics

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Sickle bar... Joe make sure you snap a picture of that beast!
And yes I clean the surface of the deck off after every mow. All that grass accumulates during the mow.
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Re: First mow pics

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I’ll try to remember, I did mow after work last night.... The first tractor was a 149 that is here for repair. I mowed for about 20 minutes and it started sputtering, it has some sort of carb issue and won’t run past 1/2 throttle. Onto the 1882, it’s always been hard Starting cold, I think the head gaskets both have gone bad. Sounds like a winter project. Onto the 1863 I picked up in late June, I mowed with it once, last night it made one pass and died, no restart. Next in line was the 1606 and it worker perfectly! It was getting dark, but it ran great for 45 minutes! I guess I’ll need to spend a day fixing dead cubs!

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Re: First mow pics

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I've been so busy since spring that I kept putting off looking at this thread. Finally went through it all this morning, sorry I was absent! Although dag didn't get any of the faces he wanted to go with the names, it was entertaining! Best quote from two pages worth:
Klapatta wrote:
Fri May 22, 2020 10:18 am
Hey. What is this green crap shooting out of the auger of my ground engagement thrower
"...auger of my ground engagement thrower"... I'm going to be chuckling at that one all day!
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Re: First mow pics

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Missed this entire thread but just finished cutting the grass here.
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