Kohler Command question

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Kohler Command question

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A friend of mine brought me an off brand tractor with a 23hp Command verticle twin today to work on. I poked around with it enough to determine that one of the pistons isn't going up and down. Obviously it has a broken rod. I have only ever had one of these engines apart and that was 20 yrs ago at a Kohler service school. My question is what else usually happens when one of these throws a rod? I know the K series singles can break the cam and the KT and Mag twins usually take a chunk out of the jug and put a crack in the crankcase. Are these Commands usually fixable, or should he be looking at short blocks? I'm going to tear it apart, but I'm just trying to get a little heads up.
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Re: Kohler Command question

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My welder took out everything but the crank. If your lucky it didnt trash the Alum parts in the oil pan. I have had a few that the rod was broken on one side and just had to hone and replace.

Some of the mini blocks, no crank in them can be costly and the short block for the welder was up around 800 if I remember right.
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Re: Kohler Command question

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Todd the only way to know for sure is to open her up , expect the worst and hope for the best.
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