Any other gun nuts around here? :)

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Re: Any other gun nuts around here? :)

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Oh boy I am all mixed up this morning haha sry :beer: :lol: :!:
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Re: Any other gun nuts around here? :)

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LFR wrote:Oh boy I am all mixed up this morning haha sry :beer: :lol: :!:

No problem just messing with you as I thought it was kind of funny!
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Re: Any other gun nuts around here? :)

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It would appear that a piece of restrictive firearm legislation is about to be signed into law by our governor. This began a as knee jerk reaction by our legislature regarding an incident at one of our schools regarding a compromised student making some threats. This person remains not convicted of wrongdoing.
I can recall a time when the kids would bring their firearms in the back of their cars to go hunting after school. Nothing ever happened. Here again lies the core issue of what's wrong with basic social structure these days. I have contacted the Governor's office this Morning to voice my displeasure and urge him to veto this bill, and I'm quite sure that most of my friends feel the same way.
I affirm myself to no single political party and regard myself as a libertarian. Yet I should state I'll remember said action at the ballot box during our next election.
In regards to the naming of this thread I don't consider myself a nut by any kind of means, with that said this society has indeed elevated the machine above the well being and freedom of the man and that the feelings of some have excelled the right of others.
And I conclude in saying that once the rights of the second amendment have been gutted out they will go after the first. History has proven this over and over. See how able we will be to protest THAT.
Because that is what they REALLY are after.

I want to wish everyone here a Happy Easter!

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