1782 Smoker, 60 Inch Cut, 54 inch Snow Blower, W/Many Extras

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1782 Smoker, 60 Inch Cut, 54 inch Snow Blower, W/Many Extras

Postby otep858 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:48 am

I am moving and dont have room to take my cub stuff so im selling it all. Would rather keep it together but i can do some separating also. Its a 1996 1782 Diesel, Kubota 17hp smoker. currently i have the diesel setup pulled and on the shelf. it has had the starter and glow plug upgrade done already and the head redone. i pulled it because when its colder out (50s) its hard to get started, compression is around 300 (which is on the low side) thinking it was cracked head i pulled the head a few years back and had it checked and there was a few hairline cracks around the injectors. and that was fixed with a valve job and surfaced. still not much difference on getting started. I gave up dealing with it so i pulled a Kohler ch18 from a 1863 and put it in and it works good.. the mower deck has no problems and is a 60 inch cut, have a 451 snow blower that unfortunately Ive only had the opportunity to play with only a few times and its in great shape. Wheel weights, tire chains, also the arms for the 3 point (not pictured), the diesel(with all the wiring, and radiator stuff go with it. as well as the donating 1863, which is all there minus the hood sides. Also there is a Hydro pump from a 1541 that goes with the deal. im not real sure what the whole setup should be worth but i was looking at 2500 obo and im in the Kansas City Area
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