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Cub Cadet Original

Post by shenderson »

I have an Original that I'd like to sell. I've had it for years, shown it several times at tractor shows, and it's time now to let it go. Here's what I can tell you about it:

The Good:
It starts and runs well with no wierd engine noise.
The transmission shifts ok.
The steering and brakes ore ok.
It has factory fenders
It has the original Donaldson oil-bath air cleaner.

The Not-So-Good:
The paint is so-so.
The seat is coming apart.
It needs a battery.
I jumped it to start it and it ran ok until I took the cables off the battery. Then it died.

I want to sell it "as-is-where-is" and I'm asking $400 for the tractor. I deal in cash on delivery. I might deliver for expenses if not too far from zip code 46992, northeast Indiana.. Interested parties are encouraged to come and see it. Email or PM me.
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